Saturday, 8 January 2011

Indigo and Crystal Children (by Jen Eramith MA)

What are indigo and crystal?  How many are there and are they still being born?

The terms "Indigo" and "Crystal Children" are used to describe the idea that children who have been born in the last two or three generations have been bringing a new kind of light to the human experience.  This is something that was new 30 or 40 years ago.  For thousands of years, human beings have been born with the same basic contract for what it means to be human.  Any given person brings part of their soul's energy and experience with them to become part of their personality and life mission -- yet you forget most of your soul's wisdom. 
In order to become human, it was necessary to forget who you truly are.  That dynamic of remember a little bit of your soul, but forgetting most of who you really are, has been relatively steady for thousands of years.  Beginning in the 1960's, and increasing greatly in the 1980's, there have been babies born with a different kind of contract.  Their agreement is to remember more of who they are and to bring that light into their human experiences.  This helps all of humanity evolve toward remembering more of who you really are.  But it is difficult to be one who holds more light than those around you, and this is what distinguishes an Indigo or Crystal child from their peers.
In the 1960's, you might say that one in every thousand children had an Indigo contract.  In the 1970's the rate increased to something like one in every one hundred children.  By the 1990's, about 70 or 80 percent of babies born had a contract to bring more light to Planet Earth.  And this light is crystalline energy -- it is the pure light of Love that creates everything in the universe.  When more children had this contract than not, you began to find ways to distinguish differences among them, so you came up with names beyond "Indigo" to describe them.  All these names point to the same basic dynamic, and offer help understanding differences among them.
Because humanity has adjusted to the crystalline energy being brought by these generations, there is now room in the basic human contract.  It is now possible for everyone to remember more of who they truly are and to carry with you the light of your soul during your human lifetime.  During the 1980's, a series of harmonic alignments occurred, including the Harmonic Convergence, that opened an even more expansive and enlightened contract for humanity.  It was after this time that Crystal Children began to be born.  
This is all part of the evolution of humanity.  Humanity has evolved enough that it is now true that if you are alive on Planet Earth at this time, you are connected to crystalline energy.  There are enough of you moving through enlightenment at this time that is now possible for any one of you to move into crystalline energy.  Moving through enlightenment means renegotiating your contract in order to include more light and remember more of you who really are.  It no longer matters whether you were born with and Indigo or Crystal contract.  You can become an Indigo or Crystal adult through your own enlightenment process.  It was important for you to recognize Indigo and Crystal children and to support them, and now it is most important that you recognize that all of you are special.  All of you are divine.  Everyone one of you chose to be alive on Planet Earth at this time because humanity is evolving toward light and you play a fundamental role in that evolution.
It can be very useful to look back and realize that you were an Indigo child.  It can be very useful to acknowledge the children in your life and what contracts and special needs they might have because they are Indigo, Crystal, or otherwise special.  But ultimately the most important thing you can do is to recognize that the crystalline energy is simply a shift in how you see yourself and how much light you bring into your life and carry in your body.  That light becomes brighter as you heal the things that hold you back, let go of your own darkness and shadow, and step into more love in your everyday life.  You -- every one of you -- can be Indigo or Crystal.  In fact, you are becoming so every day as you move through enlightenment.  And just as you would take very good care of a special child, it is time to take very good care of yourself.  You are precious!  (January 2011)

Jen Eramith MA